8:35am - 01/Jan/2014

This Grandy doesn't "do chicken," except maybe to fry or bake it or even can it. Grandy is my nickname, given to me by my grand nieces and nephews who didn't want to call me Great Aunt Sandy.

I am on what I hope is not the last leg of a long and wonderful journey through life. I have been blessed with innumerable experiences and the intelligence and education to enjoy them all.

I grew up in a metropolis, spent my summers on my grandparents' farm, lived most of my married life in a mid-sized city, and have retired to a small town. I have lived in Mexico and in the Middle East for short periods but long enough in each to learn much about the cultures there. I have been a teacher most of my life, first in public schools, then for a short time at the university level while I worked on advanced degrees, in a private school in the Middle East, and finally teaching in our church, beginning with five-year-olds, advancing from there to high school and ending up teaching senior adults. When I muse about where we've been I'll post to Grandy's Travels.

I am a rabid reader. I have more than 5000 books on my Kindle and have exhausted our public library. My current reading choices are mysteries, cookbooks, books about survival, gardening, self-suficiency and prepping, books about blogging and books about saving and making money from home. I will be posting reviews periodically in Grandy's Library.

I have always had to find ways to save and sometimes make a little money here and there to make ends meet, especially when our son was young and I was a stay-at-home mom. I sewed for other people, made most of my clothes (even my undies), and those of my son. I learned to can fruits and vegetables long before it was popular. I taught myself how to do bookkeeping and taxes and did that for about twenty years. When I tired of telling potential clients that I wouldn't help them cheat on their taxes, I took some courses and learned how to work with computer graphics and started designing websites for a few clients here and there. One day I will devote a blog post to my crazy experiences with computers. My posts on these and other similar topics will show up in whatever categories seem to fit on the day I write them.

I consider myself a pseudo-gourmet cook. When we were living in the Middle East we took a trip around the world with stopovers in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Honolulu on the way to the U.S. and then spent a month bumming around Europe with a Eurail pass before going back to Bahrain, where we lived. We tried to eat local food everywhere we went and when you add the fact that I lived with a family in Puebla, Mexico while I was in college, I have developed a very eclectic palate. I like to cook anything and everything and have managed to accumulate an amazing array of herbs and spices. I will post recipes in Grandy's Recipe Book. I will try very hard to make sure that I give credit when I use someone else's recipe.

These days I am caregiver for my husband who had a stroke ten years ago and has been bed-ridden for the last five years. My mother lives next door and is my partner in crime. We are starting a nice-sized garden this spring and are working hard at becoming self-sufficient. I will be posting our progress in Grandy's Garden.

More about cooking - I am intrigued by the fabulous looking recipes that my friends post on facebook. I am thinking of trying some of them out to see if they are really as good as they look. I'm going to ask my facebook friends for suggestions as to which ones to try. I'll be posting the results of this experiment in Grandy's Kitchen, along with tips about my extensive kitchen gadget and appliance collection.

Later I'll do another post about some of the other categories in my blog, but in the meantime, I will be posting to the different categories. I hope you find something you can use or a link that will help you.

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